Drawing3d documented Class Library

Drawing3d.OS.Windows Namespace

Namespace Hierarchy


Class Description
FeaturesW32 Zusammenfassung für FeaturesW32.
FeaturesW32.FontItem Describes a loaded font
FeaturesW32.GlyphInfo Stores the curves and the x-increment of a char


Structure Description
FeaturesW32.FIXED Windows structure
FeaturesW32.GLYPHMETRICS Windows structure, which describes a glyph>
FeaturesW32.GLYPHMETRICSFLOAT The GLYPHMETRICSFLOAT structure contains information about the placement and orientation of a glyph in a character cell.
FeaturesW32.MAT2 The MAT2 structure contains the values for a transformation matrix used by the GetGlyphOutlineW function.
FeaturesW32.PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR The PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR structure describes the pixel format of a drawing surface.
FeaturesW32.POINTFLOAT The POINTFLOAT structure contains the x and y coordinates of a point.
FeaturesW32.POINTFX Windows structure
FeaturesW32.TEXTMETRIC Windows structure. Contains metric descriptions about a char.
FeaturesW32.TTPOLYGONHEADER The TTPOLYGONHEADER structure specifies the starting position and type of a contour in a TrueType character outline.