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The methods of the Tools class are listed below. For a complete list of Tools class members, see the Tools Members topic.

Public Static (Shared) Methods

drawArcOverloaded. Draws an arc with Center, Radius, Startangle and Endangle in a counterclickwise sense.
drawArrowOverloaded. Draws the top of an arrow.
DrawBase Draws a base.
drawBoxOverloaded. Draws a box with length = Size.x width = Size.y and height = Size.z in the origin.
drawBoxAt Draws a box with length = Size.x width = Size.y and height = Size.z at a position.
drawBoxInvert Draws an inverted box with length = Size.x width = Size.y and height = Size.z at a position. Inverted meens, that all sides will be drawed in counterclockwise sense. This implicate, that the nearer side of the box is invisible. So you can look to the inside of the box. With this method you can realize very simple the inside of a room.
drawCircleOverloaded. Draws a circle with center mp, Resolution and "Radius"
drawConeOverloaded. Draws a Cone and uses the Cone class. If you take BaseRadius = TopRadius you get a cylinder. Since the painting is using a surface, the texture will be mapped to [0,1]x[0,1].
For example: If your texture has a WorldHeight = 4 and WorldWidth= 4 the image on the Cone is a quarter of the complete image. If you want to have 3 images parallel to xyBase set WorldWidth to 1/3.
drawExtrudedOverloaded. Draws an extrusion of a list of curvelists with direction of the z-axis . The first curvelist gives the outer contour of the extrusion. The other are describing holes of the extrusion. These should have a clockewhise orientation, while the first curvlist is counter colockwise oriented. The curves are all taken in the xy-plane.
If all curves are line you get a prism.
drawInfiniteLineOverloaded. Draws an infinite line belonging to a LineType
drawMarkerOverloaded. Draws a flat marker. The size is given by the CatchDistanceF. For the position a 2dim coordinate is required. The Tag will be pushed by the method pushTag
drawProfile Draws a profile, which is given by a list of Curves along a way. In the method drawExtruded is called, for each interpolation point. The base has the z-axis in the direction, which is given by the way. The y and z-axes are normal to this. The y-axis is calculated as normal of the plane through the first three points. If they not exists y-axis is set to 0,0,1.
drawRectangleOverloaded. Draws a rectangle in a device.
drawShadowOverloaded. Draws a twodimnsional shadowed pointarray.
GetRectangleOverloaded. Gets a minimum rectangle which contains a CurveArray and a Rectangle R.
SubImage Create a subimage of a Bitmap, where one point, and the size is given
ToScr A xyzArray will be transformed to an array of Points, by using the method ToScr.

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