Drawing3d documented Class Library

Tools.drawProfile Method

Draws a profile, which is given by a list of Curves along a way. In the method drawExtruded is called, for each interpolation point. The base has the z-axis in the direction, which is given by the way. The y and z-axes are normal to this. The y-axis is calculated as normal of the plane through the first three points. If they not exists y-axis is set to 0,0,1.

[Visual Basic]
Public Shared Sub drawProfile( _
   ByVal Device As MNDevice, _
   ByVal Trace As xyzArray, _
   ByVal ListOfCurveArrays As Loca, _
   ByVal CloseFirst As Boolean, _
   ByVal CloseLast As Boolean, _
   ByVal Texturekind As TextureKind, _
   ByVal TextureVisibility As TextureVisibility, _
   ByVal TextureAbsolute As Boolean _
public static void drawProfile(
   MNDevice Device,
   xyzArray Trace,
   Loca ListOfCurveArrays,
   bool CloseFirst,
   bool CloseLast,
   TextureKind Texturekind,
   TextureVisibility TextureVisibility,
   bool TextureAbsolute


Device in which will be drawn.
The way, which will be envelopped by the profile.
Specifies the profile outlook.
If true a bottom surface will be drawn.
If true a top surface will be drawn
Specifies the kind of texturedrawing. ProjectFromX for example means that the texture will be drawn on the right hand, when you look in the direction of the trace.
Specifies the visibility of the texture. For example you can set that only the left part will be textured.
In general this specification is false. If you set true the the absolute Worldbase is taken for the texturing.

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