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TaskCtrl Fields

The fields of the TaskCtrl class are listed below. For a complete list of TaskCtrl class members, see the TaskCtrl Members topic.

Public Static (Shared) Fields

CommitList Contains items which hold the commits.
MaxCommit Gets and sets the maximum of commits.
RedoCall The UnDo method is called from UnDo and ReDo as well. This field indicates whether the call is done by the method ReDo or not.
RedoList Contains Items which hold the redos.
State_Idle This is the default state which indicates, that the TaskCtrl don`t do anything.

Public Instance Fields

Catchenabled (inherited from Entity) If Catchenabled is false, you cannot hit the entity, otherwise it is a candidate to catch them with the mousepointer. Default is true; Select
Children (inherited from MNComponent)
GenerateNames (inherited from MNComponent) If GenerateNames is true, a Name will be generated, if the parent is set to a component which has no name. With GenerateNames is guaranteed, that every member of a tree (except the root) has a unique name and there is a fullpath, with which the element can be identified.
HoverColor (inherited from DrawCtrl) Holds the color in which a draw element will be drawn, if the cursor passes it.
MouseDownPos (inherited from ActiveCtrl) Holds the mousedown position.
MovedSinceLastUp (inherited from ActiveCtrl) True, if there was moved the mouse since the last mouseup.
UpDateCount (inherited from MNComponent) Sets or gets a counter. It will be incremented by the method UpDating and deremented by UpDated. If it is 0 then UpDate is called.

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