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TaskCtrl.CommitItem Fields

The fields of the TaskCtrl.CommitItem class are listed below. For a complete list of TaskCtrl.CommitItem class members, see the TaskCtrl.CommitItem Members topic.

Public Instance Fields

ConnectWithNext Sometimes it is required to call two Commits, which should be andled in one ReDo-call. In this cas you can use CommitBegin and CommitEnd. In the CommitItem the ConnectWithNext is set to true if a further Commit will occurs. CommitBegin(); Commit(UD_AddCustomer, "Add Customer", new UndoData(id,Result)); Commit(UD_CheckDependencies,"Check dependencies",new UndoData(id,Result)); CommitEnd(); In this code the UD_CheckDependenciesCommit will be inserted before the UD_AddCustomer Commit and has a ConnectWithNext = true
Data Holds the Data, which is used in the call of Commit
id Holds the ID, which is used in the call of Commit
Task Holds the task, which has called Commit
Text Contains the text, which can be used to display a list of Undos or redos.

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