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Solid Fields

The fields of the Solid class are listed below. For a complete list of Solid class members, see the Solid Members topic.

Public Instance Fields

Catchenabled (inherited from Entity) If Catchenabled is false, you cannot hit the entity, otherwise it is a candidate to catch them with the mousepointer. Default is true; Select
Children (inherited from MNComponent)
EdgeCurveList Liste von 3D-Curven, die die Kanten des Körpers bescheiben. Im Shellmodell ist der Count = 0.
GenerateNames (inherited from MNComponent) If GenerateNames is true, a Name will be generated, if the parent is set to a component which has no name. With GenerateNames is guaranteed, that every member of a tree (except the root) has a unique name and there is a fullpath, with which the element can be identified.
Model Enthält das Modell thes Körpers: Model
UpDateCount (inherited from MNComponent) Sets or gets a counter. It will be incremented by the method UpDating and deremented by UpDated. If it is 0 then UpDate is called.

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