Drawing3d documented Class Library

FeaturesW32.GetOutLine(String, Char, Double) Method

The method retrieves a Loca, which holds the curves of a character in the font, given by 'Fontname'. CellIncx gets the distance to a following next character.

double CellIncX;
Loca L = GetOutLine("Arial", 'S', out CellIncX);
device.DrawPolyPolyCurve(L); // draws the character to the device

[Visual Basic]
Public Overloads Shared Sub GetOutLine( _
   ByVal FontName As String, _
   ByVal c As Char, _
   ByRef CellIncX As Double _
public static Loca GetOutLine(
   string FontName,
   char c,
   out double CellIncX


Name of the specific Font
Character for which the contour will be determined
Increment to the next character

Return Value

A loca which holds the curves of a character

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