Drawing3d documented Class Library

FeaturesW32.GetOutLine(Font, Char, Double) Method

The method retrieves a Loca, which holds the curves of a character in the font style, given by the parameter 'Font'. CellIncx gets the distance to a following next character.

double CellIncX;
Font F = new Font(FontName, 30);
// set attributes
Font.Style = System.Drawing.FontStyle.Bold; // for example
Loca L = GetOutLine( F , 'S', out CellIncX);
device.DrawPolyPolyCurve(L); // draws the character to the device

[Visual Basic]
Public Overloads Shared Sub GetOutLine( _
   ByVal Font As Font, _
   ByVal c As Char, _
   ByRef CellIncX As Double _
public static Loca GetOutLine(
   Font Font,
   char c,
   out double CellIncX


A font which determines the outlook of the char
Character for which the contour will be determined
Increment to the next character

Return Value

A loca which holds the curves of a character

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