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FeaturesW32.FontItem Fields

The fields of the FeaturesW32.FontItem class are listed below. For a complete list of FeaturesW32.FontItem class members, see the FeaturesW32.FontItem Members topic.

Public Instance Fields

agmf Contains metric infos about the chars.
DisplayListFill Opengl stores in this value the displaylist of a font, which will be filled drawn.
DisplayListLine Opengl stores a displaylist of then font, which will be drawn only with his contur.
FontStyle The FontStyle
GlyphInfo Contains geometric infos about chars.
HasDisplayListsFill OpenGl looks in this array, whether a displaylist for a char is loaded.
IsModernType If the font type is modern this field has value true.
lpMetrics Contains metric infos about the font.
Name The name of the font.

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