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xy Methods

The methods of the xy structure are listed below. For a complete list of xy structure members, see the xy Members topic.

Public Static (Shared) Methods

FromString Gets a xy-value from a string by using Delimiter

Public Instance Methods

cross Calculates the cross product with a value;
dist Retrieves the distance to the point p
Equals In order to that it overrides the Equalsmethod and returns true if the differences of the x and y-values are smaller than epsilon
GetHashCode Overrides the method GetHashCode
GetType (inherited from Object) 
isZero Is true, if the vector is Null.
length Retrieves the length of the vector
mul Multiply the point with a Matrix by lifting the z-value with z = 0; The result omit the z-value.
normal Returns a normal vector which is rotated in a counterclockwise sense.
normalize Returns a vector of the length 1 with the same direction.
Parallel Checks parallelism to a vector.
sub Subtract a value and retrieve the difference vector
ToString Converts the xy-value to a string by using Delimiter and DoubleFormat
toXYZ Lifts a xy-value to a xyz-value by setting z = 0;
Trim Returns a vector, which has the length "Le"

Protected Instance Methods

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