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xyArray.Value Method

Calculates a point on the polygon belonging to param. For param = 0 , 1, 2, 3 ... you get the points this[0], this[1], this[2], this[3],... For values between a linear interpolation will be done.

xyzArray a = new xyzArray(4);
    a[0]= new xyz(1, 1 );
    a[1]= new xyz(1,-1);
    a[2]= new xyz(3, 4);
    a[3]= new xyz(2, 2);
    //a.Value(2.5) = (2.5, 3)

[Visual Basic]
Public Sub Value( _
   ByVal param As Double _
public xy Value(
   double param


Parameter to intepolate the polygon

Return Value

Linear interpolation of the polygon

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