Drawing3d documented Class Library

Utils.funBezier Method

retrieves the value of Bezierfunction at t. The degree is given by the count of "Points" in the array "Points".

[Visual Basic]
Public Shared Sub funBezier( _
   ByVal Points As xy, _
   ByVal t As Double _
public static xy funBezier(
   xy[] Points,
   double t


control points of the Bezierfunction. The count determinates the degree
is the value for which the calculation is done

Return Value

vaule of the Bezierfunction


xy[] Points = new xy[3]; xy[0] = new xy(0, 0); xy[1] = new xy(1, 3); xy[2] = new xy(4, 3); xy[3] = new xy(6, 0); xy p = funBezier ( Points , 0.4 );

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