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Triangle overview

Public Instance Constructors

Triangle Constructor The constructor initializes the class with the values A, B, C

Public Instance Fields

A Point of the Triangle
B Point of the Triangle
C Point of the Triangle

Public Instance Methods

AffinCoordOfCross Calculates the affine coordinates of a cross point of a infinitly line. To calculate the cross point use: pt = A + (B - A) * Lam + (C - A) * mue
ClockWise Clockwise checks orientation from this respecting to direction. Revises the orientation of the points A, B, C clockwise, relativly to their direction. If we head from A to B and then to C, we can apply the method of the screwdriver. If this direction points at the same side as the param direction, we obtain true as a result.
Cross "Cross" calculates more then the Method disjoint. In case of crossing, a value lam and the cross point is returned. This value ist between 0 and 1. The line is regarded as a bounded line. For the use of lam watch Plane
disjoint This method checks, whether a LineType L intersects the triangle or not. The Line is regarded as a bounded Line with Endpoints A and B. The cross point - if exists - has to lie between A and B.
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GetPlane Creates a Planeobject, which contains the three Points A, B, C
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Intersect Checks intersecting of a not bounded Line with the Triangle
Normal Calculates a normal vector to the triangle and returns it.
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