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Matrix overview

Public Static (Shared) Properties

identity Gets the unitmatrix.

Public Static (Shared) Methods

Bias BIAS - Matrix
ExchangeXZ Returns a matrix, where 0-row and the 1-row are exchanged.
fromAngle Returns the orthogonal matrix, which is associated to the Euler angles Alfa, Beta and Gamma ( i.e Roll, Pitch, Yaw ).
FromEuler Calculates and returns a matrix by the Eulerangles Roll, Pitch and yaw.
FromString Converts a string to a 4 x 4- matrix, where valid delimiter are ; , and ' '. For example:
1    2.4   3  -5;
2.3  4.4   2   0;
1    2.4   3  -1;
1    8.1  3.2 -9;
Frustum Returns the perspective projection. The Frustum, which is given by (right, top, near) (left, top, near), ( right, bottom, near) and (left, bottom, near) as surface area and (right, top, far), (left, top, far), ( right, bottom, far) and (left, bottom, far) as cover area. This frustum will be transformed into a cube with (1, 1, 1) and (-1, -1, -1)
LookAt Gets the transformation matrix for a "look at" situation. The camera is at CameraPosition and looks to CameraTarget. Additionally a normalvector CameraUpVector has to be given, because the Camera can turn up or down...
MirrorOverloaded. Returns a mirror-transformation, whose mirrorplane contains the origin 0/0/0 and has the normal vector Normal
Orthogonal Returns the ortogonal projection, where the point( right, top, far) is mapped to (1, 1, 1) and the point( left, bottom, near) to (-1, -1, -1) Imagine a cube, which is genereted by it's edgepoints ( right, top, far) and ( left, bottom, near) Remark: The viewing cube is clipping the scene
Perspective Returns a perspective matrix.
RotationOverloaded. returns a rotationmatrix , whose rotation-axis is given by the direction. Angle is the rotationangle.
scaleOverloaded. Retrieves a scalematrix. Its scaling values are given by pt.x, pt.y and pt.z Fixpoint is the origin (0/0/0)
ScaleOverloaded. Retrieves a scalematrix. Its scaling values are given by pt.x, pt.y and pt.z Fixpoint is the origin (0/0/0)
toAngle Calculates the Euler angles roll, pitch anf yaw of an orthogonal matrix.
These are setted in the x, y, z coordinate of the result.
toEuler Will be called from toAngle
TranslationOverloaded. Returns a translation matrix. The values are given by the translationvector pt.

Public Static (Shared) Operators

Division Operator Multiply the matrix by the inverse matrix of b;
Multiplication OperatorOverloaded. This operator calculates the usual matrix multiplication a * b The colcount of a must be equal the rowcount of b.

Public Instance Constructors

Matrix Constructor Constructor for a matrix, who initializes a RowDim X ColDim matrix by a unitmatrix.

Public Instance Fields

a00 A[0,0]
a01 A[0,1]
a02 A[0,2]
a03 A[0,3]
a10 A[1,0]
a11 A[1,1]
a12 A[1,2]
a13 A[1,3]
a20 A[2,0]
a21 A[2,1]
a22 A[2,2]
a23 A[2,3]
a30 A[3,0]
a31 A[3,1]
a32 A[3,2]
a33 A[3,1]

Public Instance Properties

Cols Retrieves the count of columns of the matrix
Rows retrieves the Rowcount of the matrix

Public Instance Methods

Determinant Gets the determinant of a 4x4 Matrix
Equals This function checks the equality between two values xyz This is to avoid errors at the computational accuracy with doubles. If their distance of the coordinates is less than epsilon equality is done
GetHashCode overrides GetHashCode()
GetRotationAxis Returns the rotationaxis of a orthogonal matrix and the rotation angle.
GetRow Gets the i-th row
GetType (inherited from Object) 
invert Inverts the Matrix
mul Multiplicates with a Matrix M
toBase Converts a Matrix to a base, by taken the columnvectors as Basevectors.
ToString Converts a matrix in a string by using "[" and "]" for every row and ";" inside the row as delimiter
transpose Gives a transposed matrix.

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