Drawing3d documented Class Library

Matrix Fields

The fields of the Matrix structure are listed below. For a complete list of Matrix structure members, see the Matrix Members topic.

Public Instance Fields

a00 A[0,0]
a01 A[0,1]
a02 A[0,2]
a03 A[0,3]
a10 A[1,0]
a11 A[1,1]
a12 A[1,2]
a13 A[1,3]
a20 A[2,0]
a21 A[2,1]
a22 A[2,2]
a23 A[2,3]
a30 A[3,0]
a31 A[3,1]
a32 A[3,2]
a33 A[3,1]

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