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LineType overview

Public Static (Shared) Operators

Multiplication Operator Transforms a LineType by a transformation M.

Public Instance Constructors

LineType Constructor This constructor initializes the line by the startpoint P and the Direction.

Public Instance Fields

Direction The direction of the line i.e Q - P
P The starting point of the line

Public Instance Properties

Q The endpoint of the line

Public Instance Methods

Cross Calculates the cross point with an other LineType L if this exists. In this case the result is true and with the parameters lam and mue you can calculate the cross point by Value(lam) resp. L.value(mue)
CrossBounded Checks whether the LineType crosses an other LineType or not. In this method bounded lines are considered. If the cross point is between P and Q and also between the P and Q of the other line, the result is true, otherwise it is false.
DistanceOverloaded. This method calculates the distance to a point Pt. The parameter Lam can be used to calculate the nearest point of the LineType, which is also returned by the outvalue Nearest
Equals Overrides the equals-method and returns true, if point P and direction are equal.
GetHashCode Overrides the equals-method and returns true, if point P and direction are equal.
GetType (inherited from Object) 
mul This is the same as Operator "*"
ToString (inherited from ValueType) 
Value A valuator for the points on the line. The values lam between 0 and 1 give the points between P and Q. It`s the linear function P + (Q - P)*lam.

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