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LineType2d.inSector Method

Checks, if a point pt lies in a sector, which is given by the line (of this) and a second vector direction1. If you turn the direction of the line (this) in the counterclockwise sense to the other direction( direction1), you have a unique defined field. If the point is located inside this field, the result is true, otherwise it is false. By the parameter 'allowBorder' you can include or exclude the border of the sector.

[Visual Basic]
Public Sub inSector( _
   ByVal Direction1 As xy, _
   ByVal pt As xy, _
   ByVal allowBorder As Boolean _
public bool inSector(
   xy Direction1,
   xy pt,
   bool allowBorder


Direction, which spans together with the point this.P and the direction of the line (this) a sector. You get the valid area if you turn the direction of the line in counterclockwise sense to the direction1
Point which will be tested
If it is true a point on border results true.

Return Value

Returns true, if the point lies in the valid sector field

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