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Base overview

Public Static (Shared) Properties

UnitBase UnitBase is the standard normalized base with BaseO = (0, 0, 0)

Public Static (Shared) Methods

DoComplete Tries to complete the point Origin and the Zaxis to a normalized Base and returns this.
From3IndependentPoints Gets a Base with Origin "Origin"
the x-axis has the direction B-Origin
the y-axis is in the plane of the x-axis and the Point C
the z-axis is normal to this plane
the three points have to be independent ( not in a line >
From4Points Searches three independent points of A, B, C, D and calls From3IndependentPoints for this three points and returns this base.
LookAt Returns a base with Origin "Cameraposition"
the z-axis is the direction from CameraTarget to CameraPosition
and the CameraUpVector fixes the y-axis

Public Static (Shared) Operators

Multiplication Operator Implements an operator '*' which results the multiplication between a matrix M and a Base b.

Public Instance Constructors

Base Overloaded. Initializes a new instance of the Base class.

Public Instance Fields

BaseO Origin of the Base
BaseX x-axis
BaseY y-axis
BaseZ z-axis

Public Instance Methods

Absolut Calculates the absolute coordinates of the point, whose coordinates are related to the Base. The base is assumed to be normalized. The invert method is Relativ.
Equals Overrides the Equals-method. Two bases are equal, if the parameter BaseO, BaseX,BaseY and BaseZ are equals in the sense of Equals.
GetHashCode Overrides GetHashCode.
GetType (inherited from Object) 
mul The base will be transformed by the Matrix m.
Orthogonalyze Tries to make a orthogonal base and returns this.
Relativ Calculates the relative coordinates from point. The base is assumed to be normalized The invert method is Absolut.
RelativAffin Calculates the relative coordinates from the point. It`s not necessary to normalize the base. See also Relativ The invert method is Absolut.
ToMatrix Converts a base to matrix by setting the columns to BaseX, BaseY, BaseZ, BaseO and adding (0, 0, 0, 1) in the fourth row. The invers method is toBase
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