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Public Static (Shared) Fields

BlackPlastic Predefined black plastic
BlackRubber Predefined black rubber
Brass Predefined Brassmaterial
Bronze Predefined Bronzematerial
Chrome Predefined Chromematerial
Copper Predefined Coppermaterial
Emerald Predefined Emerald
Gold Predefined Goldmaterial
Jade Predefined Jade
Obsidian Predefined Obsidian
Pearl Predefined Pearl
Pewter Predefined Pewtermaterial
PolishedBronze Predefined PolishedBronzematerial
PolishedCopper Predefined PolishedCoppermaterial
PolishedGold Predefined PolishedGold
PolishedSilver Predefined polished Silvermaterial
Ruby Predefined Ruby
Silver Predefined Silvermaterial
Turquoise Predefined Turquoise

Public Static (Shared) Methods

getMaterials Gets an array of predefined materials.

Public Instance Constructors

Materials Constructor Initializes a new instance of the Materials class.

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