Drawing3d documented Class Library

MNDevice.drawPolyPolyCurve Method

This primitive draw method draws a Loca. In case of PolygonMode = line, simple curves are drawn. If PolygonMode = Fill, then a filled area, bounded by curves, is drawn. The Loca must have the property that the entries are coherent curve arrays and additionally, there are no cross points. If this is done, the curve arrays, which lay in an other filled curve array is "drawn as hole". If it lays in a hole, the curvearray is filled drawn.

[Visual Basic]
Public Overridable Sub drawPolyPolyCurve( _
   ByVal ListOfCurveArrays As Loca _
public virtual void drawPolyPolyCurve(
   Loca ListOfCurveArrays


Holds the curve arrays

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