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MNDevice.SolidConvex(xyzArray, xyzArray, xyzArray, Boolean) Method

This abstract method must be overridden by a derived instance. It draws the array xyzArray, which is assumed to be convex. The normals of the vertices are held by the array normals. They correspond to the vertices by its index. Also the texture coordinates, which are stored in TexturePos?. An other abstract draw method, which has to be overridden is LineStrip.

[Visual Basic]
Public MustOverride Overloads Sub SolidConvex( _
   ByVal vertices As xyzArray, _
   ByVal Normals As xyzArray, _
   ByVal TexturePos As xyzArray, _
   ByVal TextureEnabled As Boolean _
public abstract void SolidConvex(
   xyzArray vertices,
   xyzArray Normals,
   xyzArray TexturePos,
   bool TextureEnabled


Holds the vertices of a convex array
Holds the normals corresponding to the vertices
Holds the texture coordinates for each vertex
Indicates, that a texture is enabled

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