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MNComponent.ChildByPathName Method

You can get a MNComponent by setting a fullpath relative to the given MNComponent. The names are seperated by "/".

MNComponent root = new MNComponent();
MNComponent a = new MNComponent();
MNComponent b = new MNComponent();
MNComponent c = new MNComponent();
a.Name = "Frank";
b.Name = "Joe";
c.Name = "Sam";
c.Parent = b;
b.Parent = a;
a.Parent = root;
MNComponent d = root.ChildByPathName("Frank/Joe/Sam");
// d is then the component c

[Visual Basic]
Public Sub ChildByPathName( _
   ByVal value As String _
public MNComponent ChildByPathName(
   string value


A path relative to the current component

Return Value

If no component with this path was found null will be returned

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