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Light Properties

The properties of the Light class are listed below. For a complete list of Light class members, see the Light Members topic.

Public Instance Properties

Ambient Retrieves and sets the ambient part of the light
ConstantAttenuation Retrieves and sets the constant attenuation
Device Holds the device in which the light is used.
DiffuseRetrieves and sets the diffuse part of the light.
Direction Retrieves or writes the direction of the light
Enable Before you call an UpDate, you have to enable the light
LinearAttenuation Retrieves and sets the linear attenuation
Position Reads and writes the position of the light
QuadraticAttenuation Retrieves and sets the quadratic attenuation
SpecularRetrieves and sets the specualar part of the light.
SpotCutOff Retrieves and sets the angle of a spotlight. The default is PI. This means that the light is not a spot.
SpotExponent Retrieves and sets the exponent for a spotlight

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