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HitItem Properties

The properties of the HitItem class are listed below. For a complete list of HitItem class members, see the HitItem Members topic.

Public Instance Properties

hitItemList This is the container, in which the HitIten is embedded.
KindOfPrimitiv KindOfPrimitiv indicates, what primitive drawing is catched. Possible are : Line, PolyLine, PolyPolyLine, Curve, PolyCurve, PolyPolyCurve, Point, Text, Bitmap, Surface. They determes wheter kind of class Info is.
PolygonMode Retrieves the PolygonMode of the device for a catched object.
PrimCount If you have many primitive calls in a draw method, then PrimCount indicates, which of this calls is catched. For example: Your Drawmethod look like this:
device.drawLine(new xyz(0,1,0), new xyz(2, 2, 2));
if the PolyLine is catched then you retrieves a PrimCount of 1.
Tag This field is for free use. It will be set by the method pushTag
WorldPoint Gives the coordinates in world coordinates.
ZOrder Gives the Zorder of an element, this means the distance to the Eye

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