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HitItem Fields

The fields of the HitItem class are listed below. For a complete list of HitItem class members, see the HitItem Members topic.

Public Instance Fields

_type Indicates the PrimType
Direction If DirectionEnabled is true, the direction is valid and gives the direction of a catched line.
DirectionEnabled The property direction is not ever valid. DirectionEnabled equals true indicates, that the property Direction is valid. For example: If there is a hit to the inside of a PolyLine no Direction is enabled. On the other side, if the hit is on the contour of the polyLine, then a direction is given by the catched line.
distance The distance to the
Entity The entity, in which the primitive draw is called.
Info This field reports additional info about the catched primitive draw. To access the data you have to typecast the property info with one of the infotypes HitInfo. This depends on the KindOfPrimitiv.
Normal If PlaneEnabled then Normal returns a normal vector to the catched plane.
PlaneEnabled The property Normal is not allways valid. For example if you click on a simple line then no normal vector to a plane is valid.
If PlaneEnabled = true then the vector Normal retrieves a normal vector to a planem which is catched.
PointEnabled This property is true if you catch a point. May by, that PlaneEnabled is also true: in this case the point belongs for example to a polyline which defines a plane.

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