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HitItemList.drawPolyPolyInfo Fields

The fields of the HitItemList.drawPolyPolyInfo class are listed below. For a complete list of HitItemList.drawPolyPolyInfo class members, see the HitItemList.drawPolyPolyInfo Members topic.

Public Instance Fields

ListIndex Retrieves the index in the Loxyz, which is catched
xyz nearpoint = Loxyz[ListIndex].Value(param);
Loxyz The Loxyz, which is catched
ModelMatrix (inherited from HitInfo) The value in the info classes are all in local coordinates. If you want to transform it into global coordinates you have to transform with the Modelmatrix.
param Gives the parameter relative to the xyzArray Loxyz[ListIndex] if the current point is in the near of a line. With Value(param) you get for example the nearestpoint in the array. If the current point is inside param is set to -1.

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