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EventServer overview

Public Instance Constructors

EventServer Constructor Initializes a new instance of the EventServer class.

Public Instance Fields

Busy True while the server call his Events.

Public Instance Properties

Count Gets the count of the distributionlist.
EventHandled Sets or gets a very important value: if EventHandled is true, no more IEvents from the list will be called. The distribution will be stopped. At the end of every distribution of any event EventHandled will be reseted to false.

Public Instance Methods

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GetEnumerator Implements the GetEnumeratormrthod from the IEnumerated-interface.
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KeyDown Distributes the keydownevent to the IEvents
KeyPress Distributes the keypressevent to the IEvents.
KeyUp Distributes the keyupevent to the IEvents
login Adds a IEvents to the calllist of the eventserver
logout Removes an IEvents from the server.
MouseDown Distributes the mousedownevent to the IEvents
MouseMove Distributes the mousemoveevent to the IEvents
MouseUp Distributes the mouseupevent to the IEvents
moveTo Moves a IEvents to a position in the distribution list. Sometimes for example it is very important to be the first in the list.
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Protected Instance Methods

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