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Entity Properties

The properties of the Entity class are listed below. For a complete list of Entity class members, see the Entity Members topic.

Public Instance Properties

Base Base is an other aspect of Transformation. She is given from Transformation by the conversion with toBase For some it is easier to work with a base as with a transformation. It is also easier to imagine it as a base. All coordinates, used in the drawmethod of the entity are taken relative to this base.
Count (inherited from MNComponent) Returns the count of children
Global Get a transformation to global coordinates. The transformation of all ancestors of an entity will be multiplyed and returned.
Item (inherited from MNComponent) The default indexer retrieves and sets MNComponents
Name (inherited from MNComponent) Name of the component.
PaintChildren If PaintChildren is true, all children will be drawn. The default value is true.
Parent (inherited from MNComponent) Sets or gets the parent of the component and looks for the correct and unique name.
See also GenerateNames, setParent
Tag (inherited from MNComponent) A free programmable property, which is not stored in a file.
Transformation Every Entity has a transformation which is called in the Paint-method. This transformation is also valid for a child and a child's child and so on.
Visible If Visible = true the the entity will be drawn. Default is true

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