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Public Static (Shared) Fields

ExtensionsLoaded indicates, wether all extension are loaded.
PhongShadowFrag Enthält einen FragmentSampler, der dem Phongmodell entspricht
PhongShadowVert Enthält einen VertexSampler, der dem Phongmodell entspricht
ShaderPrograms A container for all shader programs which are created by new OpenGlDevice.ProgramObjectARB.
ShowLoadExtensionError If ShowLoadExtensionError = true you get a message if an extension couldnot be loadad else the device is quiet.

Public Static (Shared) Methods

ClearFonts This list contains the fonts like . The contained entries are OpenGlDevice.FontEntry.
glActiveTextureARB Wählt die aktive Textureinheit.
glAttachObjectARB Bindet einen Shader an ein Programmobjekt.
glBindBuffer bind a named buffer object
glBindFramebufferEXT Binda a framebuffer to a framebuffer target
glBindRenderbufferEXT Bind a renderbuffer to a renderbuffer target
glBufferDataOverloaded. creates and initializes a buffer object's data store
glCheckFramebufferStatusEXT Checka the completeness status of a framebuffer
glColorPointer define an array of colors
glCompileShaderARB Kompiliert ein Shaderobjekt.
glCreateProgramObjectARB glCreateProgram erstellt ein leeres Programmobjekt und gibt ein Handle darauf zurück. Ein Programmobjekt ist ein Kontainerobjekt, an das Shaderobjekte gebunden werden können.
glCreateShaderObjectARB Erstellt ein Shaderobjekt.
glDeletebuffer delete named buffer objects
glDeleteFramebuffersEXT delete framebuffer objects
glDeleteObjectARB glDeleteObject gibt den Speicher und das Handle auf das durch Obj übergebene OpenGL Objekt frei. (Das Handle ist danach ungültig) Die Funktion macht damit den Effekt eines Aufrufs von glCreateShader oder glCreateProgram rückgängig.
glDeleteProgramARB Gibt ein Programmobjekt frei.
glDeleteRenderbuffersEXT Deletes renderbuffer objects
glDrawElementsOverloaded. render primitives from array data
glFramebufferRenderbufferEXT attach a renderbuffer as a logical buffer to the currently bound framebuffer object
glFramebufferTexture2DEXT attach a level of a texture object as a logical buffer to the currently bound framebuffer object
glgenbuffers Generates buffer object names
glGenerateMipmapEXT generate mipmaps for a specified texture target
glGenFramebuffersExt Generate framebuffer object names
glGenRenderbuffersEXT generate renderbuffer object names
glGetInfoLogARB Liefert einen Fehlerstring der zu einem Compile oder Linkerror gehört.
glGetObjectParameterivARB Validiert ein Programmobjekt.
glGetUniformLocationARB Returns the location of a uniform variable
glLinkProgramARB glLinkProgramARB - linkt die momentan an ein Programmobjekt gebundenen Shader, um daraus einen Satz ausführbarer Shader zu erstellen.
glNormalPointer define an array of normals
glRenderbufferStorageEXT Establisesh data storage, format and dimensions of a renderbuffer object's image
glShaderSourceARB Ersetzt den Quellcode eines Shaderobjektes.
glStencilExt sets front or back side.
glTexCoordPointer define an array of texture coordinates
glUniform1fARB Übergibt einen float Wert an den Shader.
glUniform1iARB Übergibt einen integer Wert an den Shader.
glUniform4fARB Übergibt einen 4D-Vektor an den Shader.
glUniformMatrix4fvARB Übergibt einen Matrix an den Shader.
glUseProgramObjectARB Startet das Programm.
glVertexPointer define an array of vertex data

Public Instance Constructors

OpenGlDevice Constructor Constructor without parameters.

Public Instance Fields

ColorEnabled (inherited from MNDevice) With this property you can lock color setting during the scene-painting. You can use it for example, if you are making a display list and want to set a color "outside" for all members from the display list.
DrawEnabled (inherited from MNDevice) If DrawEnabled = false then the drawmethods doesn`t work. In combination with HitEnabled you can trick:
Draw an invisible, but catchable object, so you have an invisible hotspot.
MainDisplayList (inherited from MNDevice) This Displaylist will be generated, when the navigating will be started. In the navigatemode it will be played.
MaxSelectCount (inherited from MNDevice) In genaryl there are more than one object, which would be selected (If they differences only in the z-depth) MaxSelectCount determes the maximum of object which would be selected. Default is 20.
PenColorEnabled (inherited from MNDevice) You can lock the PenColor-setting by the device.
RenderingContext Sets and gets a valid rendering context for an OpenGl-Engine.
Simulated (inherited from MNDevice) Internal use

Public Instance Properties

ActiveMultiTexture Gets active texture and sets it by a call to glActiveTextureARB(Gl.GL_TEXTURE0 + value);
Ambient (inherited from MNDevice) Gets and sets the ambient part of the Material-property.
BackColor (inherited from MNDevice) Retrieves and sets the color of the background.
Camera (inherited from MNDevice) The Camera defines the lookout of the device You can get or set.
CatchDisplayListDirty (inherited from MNDevice) Deutsch: Um ein Catchen mit guter Performance zu erreichen, wird eine Liste von umschließenden Rechtecken für jeden Zeichenbefehl erstellt. Im Fall, dass sich die Zeichnungsausgabe ändert, muss diese Liste neu erstellt werden. Durch Setzen von CatchDisplayListDirty auf den Wert true, wird erreicht,dass vor dem nächsten Catchvorgang die Liste neu erstellt wird.
CatchDistance (inherited from MNDevice) With this value magnetism is controlled.
Objects that are closer as Catchdistance, will be added to the HitItemlist.
It is the distance in screen coordinate. By default the value is 5 pixels.
CatchDistanceF (inherited from MNDevice) Converts the value CatchDistance in world distance.
Clockwise (inherited from MNDevice) Gives the orientation of the painted regions. If you paint with "wrong"- Orientation and the Culling has the value true, nothing occurs on thescreen.
Culling (inherited from MNDevice) Gets or sets the the cullingvalue of the graphic output. If Culling has the value true, the polygons, which has an other Orientation as is given by Clockwise will bee omitted. A Cullingvalue of true increases the performance, becaus only thes sides of an object will be draw, which looks to the observer.
CurrentHit (inherited from MNDevice) If a hit happens, CurrentHit holds the first element if HitItemlist
Currentxyz (inherited from MNDevice) Returns the 3-point, which is allocated by the cursor and magnetism to some objects, given in world coordinates
DCReservation (inherited from MNDevice) If you set this property true, the Device crates at first a Device context DC and release this at the end. If you set this property false, the Device creates for a painting a device context and release them immediately.
Diffuse (inherited from MNDevice) Gets and sets the diffuse part of the Material-property.
DisplayListCreatingState (inherited from MNDevice) If you create a displaylist with getDisplayList this field has the value true, running the DrawNotify event )
Emisson (inherited from MNDevice) Gets and sets the emission part of the Material-property.
EventServer (inherited from MNDevice) The Eventsever handles all MouseEvents and Keyevents by distributing to it IEvents. See EventServer
Eye (inherited from MNDevice) Returns the point of view.
EyeDistance (inherited from MNDevice) This is the distance from the Eye to the projection plane. In case of orthogonal projection we have a fix EyeDistance of 30, otherwise the distance is given by WorldWidth/(2*Tan(FieldOfView));
FarClipping (inherited from MNDevice) Sets or gets the far clipping distance. She is relative to the Eye. By default she is 50. This means an object, which is further away from the eye than 50, logical unit will be clipped.
FieldOfView (inherited from MNDevice) Sets or gets the filed of view angle. If this is 0 the Projection is orthogonal. if the value is greather 0 the projection to tscreen is perspective.
Fnavigating (inherited from MNDevice)
FontName (inherited from MNDevice) Sets or gets the name of the current font. A call to drawText uses this font.
FontSize (inherited from MNDevice) Determines the size of the font in logical units.
See also drawText
FontStyle (inherited from MNDevice) Gets or set a style for the current Font
Graphics (inherited from MNDevice) Yo can use any graphics for the output Bitmap
HitEnabled (inherited from MNDevice) If HitEnabled = true then the select procedure works, otherwise it is turned off. Default it is true. Also see HitItemlist
HitItemlist (inherited from MNDevice) HitItemlist contains Hititems, which belongs to the selected drawing elements. This are elements, which lay in the near of the Point p, for which the method Select was called. See also HitItemList
Lighting (inherited from MNDevice) Controls, whether the lighting is activated or not.
Lights (inherited from MNDevice) Contains the D3DLights, which are used by the device
Material (inherited from MNDevice) Sets and gets the Material.
ModelMatrix (inherited from MNDevice) The ModelMatrix plays an important rule. If scene data are going to the device they would be transformed first by the modelmatrix and then by the ProjectionMatrix. After this two transformations the data are laying in a cube, which is bounded by (-1, -1, -1) and (1, 1, 1). In the last step the points are positioned in the screen by expanding into the viewport. You see that the modelmatrix is a very powerful property.
Surface S = new Sphere(4);
// save the modelmatrix
Device.ModelMatrix = Device.ModelMatrix * Translation(new (5, 0, 0);
// this Sphere has the center at (5 /0 /0 ).
Device.ModelMatrix = Device.ModelMatrix * Translation(new (5, 0, 0);
// this Sphere has the center at (5 /0 /0 ).
// reset the Modelmatrix

Navigate (inherited from MNDevice) If Navigate is true, you can navigate in the scene by pressed mousemoves.
NavigateAngles (inherited from MNDevice) Gets or sets the three angles yaw, pitch and roll to the camera of the device.
NearClipping (inherited from MNDevice) Sets or gets the nearclipping distance. It is relative to the Eye. By default, it is 1. This means that an object, which is closer to the Eye as 1 logical unit will be clipped.
OwnWndProc (inherited from MNDevice) The device generates a own wndproc for the WinControl, if OwnWndProc is set to true. Default is true.
PaintFloatEnable (inherited from MNDevice) If you have the situation, that only a part of the scene has changed and you dont want refresh the hole scene you can use the following concept:
1. Set PaintFloatEnable 2. Add a drawEvent to OnPaintFloatOnPaintFloat. 3. Every time, when the "small" scene has changed, call FastRefresh
Panning (inherited from MNDevice) Sets or gets a Point which contains the x and y Panning of the screen.
PenColor (inherited from MNDevice) With this color the lines of an object will be drawn. Also see PolygonMode
PenStyle (inherited from MNDevice) Sets or gets the PenStyle, which that it will be drawn.
PenWidth (inherited from MNDevice) Sets or gets the width of a pen.
PixelsPerUnit (inherited from MNDevice) Set and gets the number of pixels per logical unit. Default is 30. A larger value makes a scene bigger.
PolygonMode (inherited from MNDevice) The PolygonMode indicates, whether the scene is drawn as line model or as fully rendered model. See PolygonMode
PositionPipe (inherited from MNDevice) The items of this list are called whenever the position will be changed by a mouse event. You can use it to manipulate the Currentxyz Position
ProjectionBase (inherited from MNDevice) Gets or sets the projection base in which the scene will be projected. You can also transform the
// rotate the projectionbase around her x-axis
Base P = Device.ProjectionBase;
P = P.mul(Math.Matrix.Rotation(P.Basex, Math.PI/6)); 
Device.ProjectionBase = P


ProjectionMatrix (inherited from MNDevice) Contains information about the projection of 3D-Data to the screen The matrix will be influenced by setting the FieldOfView. But you can set this directly for example:
// initialize ProjectionMatrix by a frustum 
ProjectionMatrix = Math.Matrix.Frustum(-10, 10, -10, 10, 2, 50);
// or 
ProjectionMatrix = Matrix.Orthogonal(left,right,bottom,top,-20,20);

RenderMode (inherited from MNDevice) This property holds the RenderMode. He indicates the kind of drawing. If RenderMode = Nothing the device is not in a paint state. The RenderMode = Select is used to calculate the selection. See Select The RenderMode = MaxBox is used to calculate an environment box for an object. The RenderMode = MaxRect is used to calculate a rectangle for an object.
Root (inherited from MNDevice) If you set this property to a Entity, the the entity will be drawn with all its children. Apart of this the ActriveCtrl Work will be drawn by the device. Work
Shadow (inherited from MNDevice) U can use this property to produce shadows.With ShadowKind you can set the used algoritm: TextureShadow or ShadowVolume.
ShadowKind (inherited from MNDevice) If the property Shadow is true, one of the both algoritm are used: TextureShadow or ShadowVolume. TextureShadow is much faster then ShadowVolume. In the Shadowvolumealgorithm all the callculations are made in the CPU.
ShadowSetting (inherited from MNDevice) You can get or set a ShadowSettings-object. ShadowSetting will be usend if Shadow is true and a Shadow will be painted.
Shininess (inherited from MNDevice) Gets and sets the Shininess of the Material-property.
Specular (inherited from MNDevice) Gets and sets the specular part of the Material-property.
SwapbuffersEnabled (inherited from MNDevice) Sets or gets a value, which indicates, wheter the SwapBuffers - will be executed or not.
texture (inherited from MNDevice) Sets and gets a Texture, which will be drawn.
Texturedisabled If true no texture will be drawn
TextureMatrix (inherited from MNDevice) Gets and sets a transformation for a texture.
Timer (inherited from MNDevice) Every device contains a Timer. See also OnTick and TimerEnable.
TimerEnable (inherited from MNDevice) Gets or set the Timer.Enable-property
ToGlobal (inherited from MNDevice) With this Matrix you are able to convert local coordinates to global coordinates. ToLocal
Translucent (inherited from MNDevice) Gets and sets the Translucency of the Material-property.
ViewPort (inherited from MNDevice) Set or gets the viewport of a device. As soon as it was setted, the method CheckViewPort is called. Addionally the event OnViewportChanged is fired. For example the viewport of a control is changed, if the size of the control is changed.
WinControl (inherited from MNDevice) In general you use a Control to output the device drawings. It is possible to draw in a Bitmap or in a Graphics
Work (inherited from MNDevice) This is an ActiveCtrl which is created by the Device. It is used as a Parent for ActiveCtrl Apart of this the Root will be drawn, if it is not null.
WorldHeight (inherited from MNDevice) Gets the height of the window in logical units.
WorldLeftUp (inherited from MNDevice) Gets the world coordinates of the left up point in the ViewPort .
WorldRightDown (inherited from MNDevice) Gets the world coordinates of the right down point in the ViewPort .
WorldWidth (inherited from MNDevice) Returns the width of the windows in logical units.
Zoomfactor (inherited from MNDevice) Sets or gets the zoom factor of the scene. By default it is 1. If you want to play the scene with 200%, the set Zoofactor to 2;

Public Instance Methods

addLight (inherited from MNDevice) With this method you can add a Light.
BeginPaint Overrides the BeginPaint by adding the call to MakeCurrent to be sure to have the correct device.
BringToFront If you have some polygon, which have a z-fighting problem you can use this method to determe, which polygon is visible.
Changed (inherited from MNDevice) Call this method, if the outlook of the device has been changed. Refresh invokes every time a Painting, but the method Changed() waits for example if all mousevents are called. So it is better for the performance to call Changed.
CheckError This method shows a message box, if an OpenGl error ocurres. GL_INVALID_ENUM:An unacceptable value has been specified for an enumerated argument. The offending function has been ignored. GL_INVALID_VALUE : A numeric argument is out of range. The offending function has been ignored. GL_INVALID_OPERATION : The specified operation is not allowed in the current state. The offending function has been ignored. GL_STACK_OVERFLOW : This function would cause a stack overflow. The offending function has been ignored. GL_STACK_UNDERFLOW : This function would cause a stack underflow. The offending function has been ignored. GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY : There is not enough memory left to execute the function. The state of OpenGL has been left undefined.
ClearScreen Overrides the ClearScreen-method by calling OpenGl-methods.
ClipPlane Overrides the Clipplane, which install a Plane. All drawings behind this plane are clipped. There are 8 possible planes.
Close (inherited from MNDevice) Closes the device.
DeleteTexture Overrides the DeleteTexture and calls the releated OpenGl call.
DisableClipPlane Overrides this method and implements the OpenGl method Gl.glDisable(Gl.GL_CLIP_PLANE0 + id);
DisplayListFree Disposes a OpenGlDevice.DisplayList, which was created by getDisplayList.
DisplayListPlay Draws a display list into the device.
DoPaint Overrides the DoPaint method and looks that the device is the current by a call to MakeCurrent
drawCurveOverloaded. Overrides the base drawCurve-method and calls in the render mode the LineStrip method.
drawCurve (inherited from MNDevice)Overloaded. Draws a 3D-Curve.
DrawEntity Overrides the basic DrawEntity.method and call a MakeCurrent to be sure, that its the correct current device.
drawImageOverloaded. Overrides drawImage and calls the Gl.glDrawPixels- method.
drawImage (inherited from MNDevice)Overloaded. Draws an image at ProjectionBase-coordinates
drawLine (inherited from MNDevice) Draw a Line From A to B.
drawMesh Draws a Mesh.
drawPoint (inherited from MNDevice)Overloaded. Draws a point. The kind of drawing is described in pt. MNDevice.PointData
drawPolyCurve Overrides the basic MNDevice method and calls in rendermode a drawPolyLine with the interpolytionpoints of the CurveArray ca.
drawPolyLine Overrides the drawPolyLine and calls drawPolyPolyLine for only one entry in the Loca.
drawPolyPolyCurve (inherited from MNDevice) This primitive draw method draws a Loca. In case of PolygonMode = line, simple curves are drawn. If PolygonMode = Fill, then a filled area, bounded by curves, is drawn. The Loca must have the property that the entries are coherent curve arrays and additionally, there are no cross points. If this is done, the curve arrays, which lay in an other filled curve array is "drawn as hole". If it lays in a hole, the curvearray is filled drawn.
drawPolyPolyLineOverloaded. Overrides the drawPolyPolyLine-method and calls MNDevice.drawPolyLine(Loxyz,null)
drawSphere (inherited from MNDevice) Draws a sphere at (0,0,0) with "Radius"
drawSurface (inherited from MNDevice)Overloaded. Call the drawSurface-method with resolutions taken from the surface. See UResolution and VResolution.
drawText Overrides the method drawText and draws the text at a specified position with a given extrusion.
drawTextureOverloaded. Draws a rectangle at a position with a size and uses the given Texture value.
drawTexture (inherited from MNDevice)Overloaded. Draws a texture at a position.
drawTriangle Overrides the drawTriangle-method and implements them in terms of OpenGL.
EndPaint (inherited from MNDevice) The last call in the Paint-method is EndPaint. It fires the SwapBuffers-method
Equals (inherited from Object) 
FastRefresh (inherited from MNDevice) Copies the Background to the to Drawbuffer and invokes the OnPaintFloat-method. At least a SwapBuffers-call moves the drawbuffer to the screen. "Background" means in that context: All paintings, which are made in a drawmethod. The "Foreground" is painted in a drawFlo
FromScr (inherited from MNDevice)Overloaded. Calculates a Line from a Screen coordinate to the Camera.
getDisplayList Creates a new display list. As parameter you can set a draw method, which contains the the outfit of the display list.
GetGlyphOutLine (inherited from MNDevice) Returns a Loca for the Curves of a Char.
GetHashCode (inherited from Object) 
GetMaxBox (inherited from MNDevice)Overloaded. Gets a envelopping box for all elements rendered by the device.
GetOglModelMatrix Gets the OpenGl-modelmatrix by calling Gl.glGetDoublev(Gl.GL_MODELVIEW_MATRIX, out result). In general this is just the same as the ModelMatrix.
GetSmoothBase (inherited from MNDevice) Retrieves a Base, which lies on the catched object. The direction of the x-axes is given by the direction of a catched Direction, the z-axis is the normal of a catched Normal. The BaseOrigin is put to the nearestpoint to the point closest to the the catch object. If you draw this base, it smooths around the object, which lays under the cursor.
GetTextExtent Gets the extent of a string with the current font.
GetType (inherited from Object) 
LookAt (inherited from MNDevice) Sets the camera of the device.
MakeCurrent Overrides the basic MakeCurrent-method and calls wglMakeCurrent..
MouseUp (inherited from MNDevice) The device gets the MouseUp-event from the WinControl.
MulMatrix Overrides the basic MulMatrix and calls the related OpenGl-method glMultMatrixd This transformation is multiplied to the modelmatrix.
MulTextureMatrix Overrides the MulTextureMatrix and implements the related OpenGL method.
Paint Overrides the Paint-method to handle the painting in a OpenGL kind.
PopMatrixOverloaded. Overrides the PopMatrix by calling the glPopMatrix method-
PopMatrix (inherited from MNDevice)Overloaded. To save the ModelMatrix for a short time you can push it with PushMatrix and restore with PopMatrix.
popTag (inherited from MNDevice) Pops a tag, which was pushed with pushTag
PushMatrixOverloaded. Pushes a matrix, depending on MNDevice.MatrixKind, to the matrix stack.
PushMatrix (inherited from MNDevice)Overloaded. To save the ModelMatrix for a short time you can push them with PushMatrix and restore with PopMatrix
pushTag (inherited from MNDevice) Pushes a Tag to a Tag-stack. If the mouse hits a draw element the last tag is set into the HitItem. You can get it from the HitItemlistpopTag
Refresh (inherited from MNDevice) Refreshes the device.
removeLight (inherited from MNDevice) Removes a Light from the list Lights. Its the same as Lights.Remove(Light);
RenderToImage Render to a given bitmap. The method draw contaings the rendering. The size of the bitmap depends only on the capabilities of the graphiccard, because the rendering happens in a framebuffer.
RenderToTextureOverloaded. Calls RenderToTexture with the current Camera.
ResetShadow Bewirkt, dass die internen Displaylisten für die Darstellung von Schatten neu erzeugt werden. Diese Methode muss auch immer dann aufgerufen werden, wenn Shadow = true, aber ein neues Material oder eine neue Textur gesetzt werden.
Resize Overrides Resize and adds MakeCurrent and CheckError.
Rotate (inherited from MNDevice) Rotates the following drawings by a call to MulMatrix. Call before this PushMatrix and after the painting a PopMatrix
Select (inherited from MNDevice) Clears the HitItemlist and searches the draw elements, which are close to the point p. This means, that the distance to p is less then CatchDistance The method calls the Paintmethod of the device with RenderMode = RenderMode.Select.
SetAntiAliasing Sets or gets AntiAliasing for the scene.
setCulling Sets and gets the culling value. In case this is true, the back face of an object is omitted. The performances become better.
SetCurrentCursor (inherited from MNDevice) If the defaultcursor is null then the currentcursor will be taken.
SetDefaultCursor (inherited from MNDevice) Sets a defaultcursor.
SimulateMouseDown (inherited from MNDevice) By a call to this method you can simulate a mousedownclick. See also SimulateMouseMove
SimulateMouseMove (inherited from MNDevice) By a call to this method you can simulate a mousemove. See also SimulateMouseDown
SimulateMouseUp (inherited from MNDevice) By a call to this method you can simulate a mousedownclick. See also SimulateMouseMove
SolidConvexOverloaded. Overrides the SolidConvex-method and draws it in terms from OpenGl.
SolidConvex (inherited from MNDevice)Overloaded. Overloaded method from SolidConvex The value for the parameter TextureEnable is set to true.
SwapBuffers Override SwapBuffers by using SwapBuffersFast
ToScr (inherited from MNDevice)Overloaded. Calculates the screen coordinates of a 3d-Point p.
ToString (inherited from Object) 
Translate Translate the scene by a vector which is given by x,y and z.
UpDated (inherited from MNDevice) If you make any modifications in the component, you should first call
..Change some things
In this case the method Refresh will be called only one time. Internal a counter will be incremented for UpDating and decremented by UpDated. If he is 0 then Refresh is called. See UpDating
UpDating (inherited from MNDevice) If you make any modifications in the component you should first call
..Change some things
In this case the method Refresh will be called only one time. Internal a counter will be incremented for UpDating and decremented by UpDated. If it is 0 then Refresh is called. See UpDated
Use2Pot Calculates the texture sizes width and height as nearest potency of 2. In older versions of OpglenGl is this necessary.
Version Gets the OpenGlVersion as string.

Public Instance Events

OnDisposed (inherited from MNDevice)
OnGraphicsPaint (inherited from MNDevice) Event which is called by GraphicsPaint
OnKeyDown (inherited from MNDevice) This event is called by KeyDown
OnKeyPress (inherited from MNDevice) This event is called by KeyPress
OnKeyUp (inherited from MNDevice) This event is called by KeyUp
OnMouseDown (inherited from MNDevice) The event will be called by the MouseDown-method
OnMouseMove (inherited from MNDevice) The event will be called by the MouseMove-method
OnMouseUp (inherited from MNDevice) The event will be called by the MouseUp-method
OnPaint (inherited from MNDevice) The Event OnPaint is called from DoPaint.
OnPaintFloat (inherited from MNDevice) The paint event, that will be call by FastRefresh
OnTick (inherited from MNDevice) This event is called from the Timer
OnViewportChanged (inherited from MNDevice) If the ViewPort is changing, this event is called.

Protected Instance Methods

CheckViewPort Overrides this method and moves the new Viewport to the OpenGl-engine
CopyFromSaveBuffer Copies a scene from the accumulation buffer to the drawbuffer. First the method CopyToSaveBuffer has to been called. A praeposition is that the PaintFloatEnable-property is true.
CopyToSaveBuffer Copies a scene from the drawbuffer to the accumulation buffer. With CopyFromSaveBuffer you can copy this drawings back to the drawbuffer. A praeposition is that the PaintFloatEnable-property is true.
CreateMaterial (inherited from MNDevice) This method is called from the constructur. For example the OpenGlDevice overrides them, to implement OglMaterial
Disposed (inherited from MNDevice) Overrides this method ans sets the WinControl-property to null.
Finalize (inherited from MNDevice)
getCulling Overides the base getCulling method and apply a OpenGL call. GetCulling is the get-method of the property Culling
GetGraphics (inherited from MNDevice) Getmethod of the property Graphics
getModelMatrix (inherited from MNDevice) protected getMethod for the ModelMatrix-property.
getProjectionMatrix (inherited from MNDevice) GetMethod of the ProjectionMatrix.
GetTextureMatrix Get method of TextureMatrix
getWorldHeight (inherited from MNDevice) Getmethod of the WorldHeight-property
getWorldWidth (inherited from MNDevice) GetMethod of the property WorldWidth
GraphicsPaint (inherited from MNDevice) After painting in the "normal" device, a call to GraphicsPaint is done.
IsReady Overrides the IsReady-method and checks, whether the OglContext is current or not.
KeyDown (inherited from MNDevice) This method is called from the EventServer when a key is clicked down.
KeyPress (inherited from MNDevice) This method is called from the EventServer, when a key is pressed.
KeyUp (inherited from MNDevice) This method is called from the EventServer when a key goes up.
LineStrip Overrides the LineStrip-method and implements them in terms of OpenGL.
MemberwiseClone (inherited from Object) 
MouseDown (inherited from MNDevice) The device gets the MouseDown-event from the WinControl.
MouseMove (inherited from MNDevice) The device gets the MouseMove - event from the WinControl.
newLight Overrides the newLight-method and returns a OpenGlDevice.OglLight.
RealizeTranslucent Overrides the method and returns an OglMaterial
SetClockWise Sets and gets the orientation of the front face. By default it is clockwise.
setFontName Overrides the setFontName-method. If no font named like that is loaded, the display lists will be generated for all characters OpenGlDevice.FontEntry. This ensures that a drawText-method, can play the text as displaylists..
SetGraphics (inherited from MNDevice) 
SetLighting Overrides the SetLighting-method by calling OpenGL-methods
setModelMatrix Overrides the setModelMatrix-method and implements this with Opengl-calls.
setPencolor Overrides the setPencolor and activate the OpenGL methods.
setPenStyle Overrides the setPenStyle-method and uses Gl.glLineStipple and Gl.glEnable(Gl.GL_LINE_STIPPLE);
SetPenWidth Overrides the SetPenWidth by calling GL.glLineWidth.
SetPolygonmode Overrides the related SetPolygonmode and sets the related OpenGl glPolygonMode call.
setProjectionMatrix Overrides the setProjectionMatrix-method and implements this with Opengl-calls.
SetRoot (inherited from MNDevice) The virtual settermethod of Root property.
setShadow (inherited from MNDevice) The protected Settermethod for the Shadow-property.
setTexture Overrides the setTexture-method to implement OpenGlCalls.
SetTextureMatrix Overrides the SetTextureMatrix-method and implements this with Opengl-calls.
SetViewPort (inherited from MNDevice) Setmethod of the property ViewPort"/>
SetWinControl Overrides the SetWinControl-Method and adds CheckError.
setZoomFactor (inherited from MNDevice) Setmethod of the property Zoomfactor
SizeChanged If the size of WinControl has changed this method will be called. the method is overriden and forces a refresh of the device.
TimeEvent (inherited from MNDevice) A protected method, which call OnTick,if is assigned.
UpDateMaterial Overrides the UpDateMaterial-method and moves the material properties to the OpenGL-engine.
ValidHandleCreated Overrides ValidHandleCreated and initializes some properties for the usage of OpenGl.
ValidHandleDestroyed This method is called, when ever an OpenGl-handle would be destroyed. In this method some destrucors for OpenGl are called.

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