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OpenGlDevice Fields

The fields of the OpenGlDevice class are listed below. For a complete list of OpenGlDevice class members, see the OpenGlDevice Members topic.

Public Static (Shared) Fields

ExtensionsLoaded indicates, wether all extension are loaded.
PhongShadowFrag Enthält einen FragmentSampler, der dem Phongmodell entspricht
PhongShadowVert Enthält einen VertexSampler, der dem Phongmodell entspricht
ShaderPrograms A container for all shader programs which are created by new OpenGlDevice.ProgramObjectARB.
ShowLoadExtensionError If ShowLoadExtensionError = true you get a message if an extension couldnot be loadad else the device is quiet.

Public Instance Fields

ColorEnabled (inherited from MNDevice) With this property you can lock color setting during the scene-painting. You can use it for example, if you are making a display list and want to set a color "outside" for all members from the display list.
DrawEnabled (inherited from MNDevice) If DrawEnabled = false then the drawmethods doesn`t work. In combination with HitEnabled you can trick:
Draw an invisible, but catchable object, so you have an invisible hotspot.
MainDisplayList (inherited from MNDevice) This Displaylist will be generated, when the navigating will be started. In the navigatemode it will be played.
MaxSelectCount (inherited from MNDevice) In genaryl there are more than one object, which would be selected (If they differences only in the z-depth) MaxSelectCount determes the maximum of object which would be selected. Default is 20.
PenColorEnabled (inherited from MNDevice) You can lock the PenColor-setting by the device.
RenderingContext Sets and gets a valid rendering context for an OpenGl-Engine.
Simulated (inherited from MNDevice) Internal use

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