Drawing3d documented Class Library

OpenGlDevice.RenderToTexture(Camera, Int32, Int32, DrawNotify) Method

Render a scene to a texture, by calling a draw method. The texture will be returned. You can also set a camera for drawing the scene.
Internally a framebuffer object will be created to play the drawings. for errors, which cn occurs se OpenGlDevice.FramebufferStatus.

[Visual Basic]
Public Overloads Sub RenderToTexture( _
   ByVal ActualCamera As Camera, _
   ByVal FBWidth As Integer, _
   ByVal FBHeight As Integer, _
   ByVal Draw As DrawNotify _
public Texture RenderToTexture(
   Camera ActualCamera,
   int FBWidth,
   int FBHeight,
   DrawNotify Draw


Camera, which is taken for drawings
Frambuffer width. It is faster to take a potence of 2
Frambuffer height. It is faster to take a potence of 2
The DrawNotify event, which is called for drawings. RenderToTexture might not be used while creating a displaylist .

Return Value

A texture, which holds the rendering due in the draw event.

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