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Loca Methods

The methods of the Loca class are listed below. For a complete list of Loca class members, see the Loca Members topic.

Public Instance Methods

Add (inherited from ArrayList) 
AddRange (inherited from ArrayList) 
BinarySearch (inherited from ArrayList)Overloaded.  
Clear (inherited from ArrayList) 
Clone (inherited from ArrayList) 
Contains (inherited from ArrayList) 
Copy Copy a Loca
CopyTo (inherited from ArrayList)Overloaded.  
Equals (inherited from Object) 
GetEnumerator (inherited from ArrayList)Overloaded.  
GetHashCode (inherited from Object) 
GetRange (inherited from ArrayList) 
GetType (inherited from Object) 
IndexOf (inherited from ArrayList)Overloaded.  
Insert (inherited from ArrayList) 
InsertRange (inherited from ArrayList) 
Invert Inverts the CurveArrays by calls of their invert method.
LastIndexOf (inherited from ArrayList)Overloaded.  
Remove (inherited from ArrayList) 
RemoveAt (inherited from ArrayList) 
RemoveRange (inherited from ArrayList) 
Reverse (inherited from ArrayList)Overloaded.  
SetRange (inherited from ArrayList) 
Sort (inherited from ArrayList)Overloaded.  
ToArray (inherited from ArrayList)Overloaded.  
ToString (inherited from Object) 
Transform Implements the ITransform-interface by the Transfommethods of every CurveArray contained in the Loca.
TrimToSize (inherited from ArrayList) 

Protected Instance Methods

Finalize (inherited from Object) 
MemberwiseClone (inherited from Object) 

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