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Curve Fields

The fields of the Curve class are listed below. For a complete list of Curve class members, see the Curve Members topic.

Public Static (Shared) Fields

RegisteredCurves Holds a list of curve types for copying curves and array of curves. A curve will be written in a stream and read from a stream. The basic concept contains the method LoadFromStream and SaveToStream By registrating
Register(1, typeof(Line));
Register(2, typeof(Arc));
Register(3, typeof(Bezier));
Register(4, typeof(QSpline));
Register(5, typeof(Nurbs2d));
Register(6, typeof(BSpline));
the curves can reconsturcted by calling the empty constructor

Public Instance Fields

OnChanged This event is fired by the method Changed
Tag Tag is a free programmable property

Protected Instance Fields

Dirty Indicates, that the curve is changed A call to MakeClean sets dirty to false. In this method an Array of Resolution+1 point will be created and returned, when a request ToXYArray is given.

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