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CurveArray Properties

The properties of the CurveArray class are listed below. For a complete list of CurveArray class members, see the CurveArray Members topic.

Public Instance Properties

Capacity (inherited from ArrayList) 
ClockWise Gets the sense of the Curvearray.
Closed Gets and sets the property Closed, which is true, if Curve[0].A is equal to Curve[Count-1].B. If you set this property true, a line will be inserted if the curve array was not closed.
Count Read- and writeable property which contains the number of curves in the list.
IsFixedSize (inherited from ArrayList) 
IsReadOnly (inherited from ArrayList) 
IsSynchronized (inherited from ArrayList) 
ItemOverloaded. This is the default indexer property, which deals with curves.
MaxRect Gets a minimal rectangle, that contains the CurveArray.
Resolution Retrieves the resolution of the curve array as a sum of the resolutions of its curves.
SyncRoot (inherited from ArrayList) 

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