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CurveArray overview

Public Static (Shared) Fields

OnCopy The event is fired before the Clone- method starts with copying.

Public Static (Shared) Methods

SetDifference Calculate the settheoretical difference of the areas, which are bounded by A and B. The return is a Loca.
SetIntersection Calculates the settheoretical intersection with a list of Curvearrays
SetUnion Calculates and returns the set theoretical union with a list of Curvearrays.

Public Static (Shared) Operators

Multiplication Operator This operator transforms an CurveArray by a Matrix.

Public Instance Constructors

CurveArray Overloaded. Initializes a new instance of the CurveArray class.

Public Instance Fields

OnInsert Is called, if a Curve is inserted in a CurveArray.
OnRemove Is called, if a curve is removed from the CurveArray.
Tag A free prorammable object.

Public Instance Properties

Capacity (inherited from ArrayList) 
ClockWise Gets the sense of the Curvearray.
Closed Gets and sets the property Closed, which is true, if Curve[0].A is equal to Curve[Count-1].B. If you set this property true, a line will be inserted if the curve array was not closed.
Count Read- and writeable property which contains the number of curves in the list.
IsFixedSize (inherited from ArrayList) 
IsReadOnly (inherited from ArrayList) 
IsSynchronized (inherited from ArrayList) 
ItemOverloaded. This is the default indexer property, which deals with curves.
MaxRect Gets a minimal rectangle, that contains the CurveArray.
Resolution Retrieves the resolution of the curve array as a sum of the resolutions of its curves.
SyncRoot (inherited from ArrayList) 

Public Instance Methods

Add Overrides the Add-Method from ArrayList and sets the Owner
AddRange (inherited from ArrayList) 
Area Gets the area of a CurveArray. This is valid, if the array is closed and have no windings.
BinarySearch (inherited from ArrayList)Overloaded.  
Clear (inherited from ArrayList) 
Clone Copy the CurveArray by calling Clone for all curves.
Contains (inherited from ArrayList) 
Copy Gets a copy of the CurveArray.
CopyTo (inherited from ArrayList)Overloaded.  
CrossProduct Returns the crossproduct of all interpolating points of the curve array.
Direction Returns the direction at a parameter position.
Equals (inherited from Object) 
getCrossListOverloaded. Calucalates a CrossList for this CurveArray with an other CurveArray. The CrossItemparameter Param1 is relative to this CurveArray and the parameter Param2 relative to the "value"-CurveArray.
GetEnumerator (inherited from ArrayList)Overloaded.  
GetHashCode (inherited from Object) 
GetMaxRect Gets a minimal rectangle (transformed by a matrix), which contains the curveArray.
GetRange (inherited from ArrayList) 
GetType (inherited from Object) 
getxyArray Returns a xyArray by calling the ToArray-method of the curves.
IndexOf (inherited from ArrayList)Overloaded.  
Insert Overrides the Insert-Method from ArrayList and fire the OnInsertevent
InsertRange (inherited from ArrayList) 
InsidePt Indicates, whether a point is inside of a curvearray.
Invert Inverts the array and evers curve by Invert
LastIndexOf (inherited from ArrayList)Overloaded.  
LengthToParam Converts the real length to the parameter value.
LoadFromStream Implements the virtual method. This method reads at first the Count from the stream and then curves. RegisteredCurves gets the type of the curves. Her Id is stored in the stream.
MoveTo Moves a curve to a given position in the array.
Next Returns the next curve by increment the related index. If this index id is >Count-1 and the CurveArray is not closed, null will be returned.
ParamToLength Converts a parameter to the real length of the curves.
Predecessor Gets a curve C, which has the property, that C.B is nearly the same as value.A. If no such curve exists, null will be returned. ,.
Prev Returns a curve by decrementing the related index. If this index id is >Count-1 and the CurveArray is not closed, null will be returned.
Remove Overrides the Remove-Method from ArrayList an fire the OnRemoveevent
RemoveAt (inherited from ArrayList) 
RemoveRange (inherited from ArrayList) 
Reverse (inherited from ArrayList)Overloaded.  
SaveToStream Implemets the virtual method. This method writes at first the Count to the stream and then contained curves and her id, which is stored in RegisteredCurves
SetRange (inherited from ArrayList) 
Slice Gets a part from the curvearray, which is defined by the parameters from and to and stores it in the CurveArray Work. If the curvearray is closed, then the it copies modulo Count-1.
Sort (inherited from ArrayList)Overloaded.  
Successor Gets a curve C, which has the property that C.A is nearly the same as value.B. If such curve does not exist, null will be returned. ,.
ToArray (inherited from ArrayList)Overloaded.  
ToNetWork Generate a CurveArray by eliminating all cross points of the given Array and inserting new curves.
ToString (inherited from Object) 
Transform Implements the ITransform-interface by the Transfommethods of every Curve contained in the CurveArray
TrimToSize (inherited from ArrayList) 
Value Get the xy-value, which is assigned to the parameter param.
xyArrayIndexToCurveArrayIndex If you get xyArrays by ToArray for each curve of the CurveArray, you have a point array for the whole curve array. To convert a parameter relative to this xyArray to the curveArray, you can call this method.

Protected Instance Methods

Finalize (inherited from Object) 
MemberwiseClone (inherited from Object) 

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