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Curve3D Properties

The properties of the Curve3D class are listed below. For a complete list of Curve3D class members, see the Curve3D Members topic.

Public Instance Properties

A Gets the starting point of the curve by calling getA.
Atang Returns and sets the start tangent. See getAtang and Btang
B Gets the endpoint of the curve by calling getB.
Btang Returns and sets the end tangent. See getBtang and Atang.
Closed Gets and sets the information, that the curve is closed, ie A = B.
CurveLength Retrieves the length of the curve.
fromParam Retrieves and sets the starting parameter. All parameters are within the interval [fromParam, toParam]. Initial value is 0;
Maxrect A property, which calls GetMaxrect
Neighbors If a Curve3D is a contur curve of a Face this array contains both Neighbors. In generally this are two.
Resolution Retrieves and sets the resolution of the curve. The default value is 20.
toParam Retrieves and sets the end parameter. All parameters are within the interval [fromParam, toParam]. Initialvalue is 1;
Visible Several classes use this property and hide a curve, where visible is false.

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