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Arc Fields

The fields of the Arc class are listed below. For a complete list of Arc class members, see the Arc Members topic.

Public Static (Shared) Fields

maxRadius Gets and sets the maximum for the radius of the arc. If a radius is set to a greater value, then the arc becomes a straight line.
minRadius Get and sets the minimum of a radius. If a radius is smaller than the minimum, the arc becomes a point.
PI Is the same as System.Math.PI, but it is easier, because it is quite close.

Public Instance Fields

ClockWise Sets and gets the orientation of the arc.
OnChanged (inherited from Curve) This event is fired by the method Changed
Tag (inherited from Curve) Tag is a free programmable property

Protected Instance Fields

Dirty (inherited from Curve) Indicates, that the curve is changed A call to MakeClean sets dirty to false. In this method an Array of Resolution+1 point will be created and returned, when a request ToXYArray is given.

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